Investment Management

Deciding to invest is an easy decision. Deciding how to invest is more complex. We’re here to make it simple for you.


A strategy to grow your wealth.

Saving a portion of your income is a good way to create a safety net. Investing your income is a better way to grow your wealth. Rearick & Company specializes in investment management. We can help you choose how much of your income to invest and what to invest it in. We’ll start with a goal, work with you to design a custom portfolio and watch your investments turn into a second source of income.


The right mix. The right time.

We consider two things when deciding how to allocate your assets: time and risk. We choose financial assets that produce the appropriate amount of return you need to accomplish your financial goal in the right time frame.

Rearick & Company offers a healthy mix of stocks, mutual funds, annuities and more. We’ll work together to find the right combination for you.


The core principle of investment management at Rearick & Company 
is diversification.


How we manage your investments.

Design a diverse portfolio

With your goal and risk tolerance in mind, we’ll select an asset mix and guide you through how much to contribute to each. A diverse mix of assets maximizes potential returns.

Monitor performance

We continuously analyze asset performance. Focused on rate of return and appropriate risk, we track to your original goal to make sure we’re hitting the right milestones at the right time.

Report and refine

We don’t just report, we recommend. We’ll review portfolio performance with you as often as you’d like. We’ll make meaningful recommendations to optimize performance along the way.


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Financial planning is just one of the many things the experts at Rearick & Company know best. We have more than 30 years of experience in financial services, working with funds of all sizes. Each client engagement is unique and each financial solution is completely custom. We can help with your whole financial plan, or just parts and pieces.

In addition to financial planning and investment management, we offer tax planning, estate planning, and education planning. We also serve investors and investor groups looking to own equity stake in companies. For more information about our additional services, contact us.

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